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  • IMPROVE MOOD, RELIEVE ANXIETY & BOREDOM: A lick pad is a great soothing mood tool for dogs. When master is away to work or away from home, negative emotions, such as separation anxiety and bordom, are common happen to pet dogs or cats, often accompanied by destructive behavior in order to relieve these bad moods. Your dog's licking mat can turn their destructive behavior into licking, keep them busy and help them release endorphins to deal with their anxiety in a gentler way.
  • STRONG SUCTIONS CUPS DESIGN: In order to improve the adsorption capacity of our licking mats, we designed 77 suction cups on its back, which can be adsorbed on smooth surfaces, such as floors, bathtubs, counters, glass, ceramic tiles and bathroom walls. You can rest assured place it wherever you want!Especially when you plan to groom, bathe, trim nails, medical treatment, vet visitor or train your pets, It will help you complete pet care jobs faster and smoothly.
  • FOOD-GRADE & DISHWASHER SAFE: made of high quality food-grade silicone, soft and safe, easy to clean. You can choose to hand wash or more convenient dishwasher. Licking mats for dogs large, medium or small, each size: 7.7 x 7.7 x 0.23 in. 

Lick Mat- Suction Back

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